Kemp Society - Freedom Across Generations

Freedom Across Generations

It is said every generation must fight for its own freedoms – and that is true. But it is also true that our continuing fight for our freedoms is built on the legacy of those who have come before us and who made the sacrifices that allow us the way of life we are so fortunate to enjoy.

Founded in 1943, the Institute of Public Affairs understands freedom is won by a commitment that transcends the events of a moment. The threats to freedom are more often found in what occurs over decades.

What sustains and strengthens freedom is the
outcome of the effort of generations.

The circumstances under which we fight for freedom might change – but our mission does not. The objectives of the Institute of Public Affairs set out some 80 years ago are as essential to achieve today, as they were then – and as they will be in the years to come.

The mission of the Institute of Public Affairs is timeless. The Kemp Society of the Institute of Public Affairs provides the opportunity for you to help secure freedom in Australia for future generations.

Kemp Society - The Legacy Of Freedom

The Legacy Of Freedom

The Institute of Public Affairs has been Australia’s strongest voice for freedom since it was founded in 1943. It was formed to provide a firm philosophical grounding for free market policy ideas.

A group of business leaders including Sir George Coles, Sir Keith Murdoch, and Sir Walter Massey-Greene, founded the Institute of Public Affairs to counter the threat of extensive and permanent government control and defend the personal freedoms of all Australians.

Throughout its history, the IPA has been dedicated to
preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom.

Today, the IPA continues to be at the centre of every major cultural, social and economic debate, speaking for mainstream Australians and mainstream Australian values.

The Australian way of life is something to be treasured and respected and with the incredible support and voluntary contributions of IPA members and donors the IPA has become the voice for freedom in Australia.

The Kemp Society

The Kemp Society

The Kemp Society has been founded to recognise and honour the contributions of IPA supporters who leave a legacy of freedom by making a gift in their Will.

The Kemp Society is named in honour of the IPA’s first Executive Director, Charles Denton Kemp _ one of Australia’s greatest advocates for freedom. His legacy passed on to his son, The Hon. Rod Kemp AM, who was Executive Director from 1982 to 1989, and Chairman of the IPA Board from 2008 to 2019. Rod now continues his father’s legacy in his role as Chair of The Kemp Society.

I am honoured to lead The Kemp Society and look
forward to welcoming you as a member. – Rod Kemp

As a valued member of The Kemp Society, you will play a significant role in the work of the IPA. Your support will continue to provide vital research on important issues, create lasting impact and education for young Australians, defend the foundations and values of Western Civilisation and continue to be a strong voice for Australia’s future.

How To Include The IPA In Your Will

Leaving a gift to the Institute of Public Affairs in your Will is straightforward. You can either include a bequest when you prepare your Will or simply add a codicil to your existing Will. We recommend you consult with your solicitor when preparing or making changes to your Will.

The Kemp Future Fund aims to provide a permanent endowment fund to secure the future of the IPA. Gifts made to the Kemp Future Fund will benefit the IPA in perpetuity.

You can include the Institute of Public Affairs in your Will or codicil using the wordings suggested in the PDF.

You may also wish to speak with the IPA’s Bequest Program Manager,  Celia Dent, to discuss your wishes further. You can contact Celia on 03 9600 4744. If you would like to bequeath a specific asset, such as property or shares, please contact Celia.

A Legacy Of Freedom - Kemp Society

Leaving a gift in your Will to the Institute of Public Affairs will help secure freedom in Australia for future generations. Letting us know about your gift ensures that we are able to thank you and keep you updated on the work your support makes possible.