The IPA With You Episode 7: #FreeZoe
The IPA With You Episode 7: #FreeZoe

The IPA With You Episode 7: #FreeZoe



A Facebook video of a pregnant woman being handcuffed in front of her children has gone viral both in Australia and overseas. Zoe has since been released on bail and is looking at a sentence of up to 15 years. How did we get to the point that somebody can be treated like this over a Facebook post?

We chat to Sophie Elsworth for her reaction to Zoe’s ordeal, what she makes of Daniel Andrews’ mooted ‘roadmap to reopening’ to be revealed on Sunday, and whether there will be any bars and restaurants left in Melbourne when – or if – this lockdown ever ends.

And we hear from a proud IPA member who reached out to thank us for backing Zoe.


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