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Episode 1: Their Bias

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25 October 2021
TheirABC Episode 1-Their Bias

Today the Institute of Public Affairs released the first episode of Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it, a unique 5-part documentary podcast.

The first episode of Their ABC looks at the ABC’s bias against mainstream viewpoints. With a particular focus on two of its main programs, Q+A and 4 Corners, and how they’re biased against conservative views. 

We also delve into the ABC’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and how its most prominent expert, Dr Norman Swan, was consistently proven wrong. 

You can listen to episode 1 of Their ABC, ‘Their bias’on Soundcloud, SpotifyPodbean, Apple Podcast or YouTube 

This episode of Their ABC focuses on the ABC’s bias against conservative viewpoints. With a particular focus on how two of its major programs, Q+A and 4 Corners, have become biased against conservative viewpoints.

The ABC’s charter obliges it to reflect the cultural diversity of Australia. And it seems at the ABC every diversity is represented, except for a diversity of views.

In reality the ABC is so left wing it actually believes its green left perspective is the centre of political debate. Editor of the Spectator Australia Magazine and Sky News host Rowan Dean makes this point when he tells Their ABC:

“Of course it’s biased against the conservatives. That’s in their DNA. That’s in their bloodline. They don’t think they’re biased because they actually believe that they are the centre point of political debate.”

Sky News host and media commentator Chris Kenny, is furious at the 4 Corners program, and its ‘vendetta journalism’ against former Cabinet Minister Christian Porter.

“This is a man who’s essentially been subjected to the most horrific character assassination based on virtually no evidence, that has been trumped up by the ABC, put into the public arena with the help of some politicians; and it is disgraceful.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks about the ABC’s political reporter Andrew Probyn being censored by ACMA for describing him as “the most destructive politician in a generation” in a straight news report.

“Obviously it was completely inappropriate. But as you say again, there’s almost never any sanction as a result of these things, and nothing much seems to change.”

Has the ABC gone too far in promoting lockdowns? The Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen comments:

“The ABC is meant to be the informative source of balanced and accurate news for Australians. I think Norman Swan has undermined that, but we don’t ever see the ABC acknowledging that he could do better in any one area.”

In this episode you’ll hear from many more high profile Australians including James Paterson, Claire Chandler, Nick Cater, Chris Mitchell, Gemma Tognini, George Christensen and many many more.

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