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The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 62 with Dr Chris Berg, Claire Lehmann and Ilya Shapiro

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1 June 2018

Bumper episode this week! We talk Australian shoppers blocked from Amazon’s international site due to GST changes, Roseanne being cancelled, the Italian elections, Twitter losing its mind over the ICE photos and Trump signing a Right To Try act. We talk to Dr Chris Berg about his two new books, Against Public Broadcasting and Australia’s Red Tape Crisis, his reflections on the Friedman Conference last week and what he saw at one of the world’s biggest blockchain conventions in New York (17:23-30:07). Then we play Dr Berg sitting down with Claire Lehmann, Editor of Quillette, about the magazine and what it’s like to be a member of the Intellectual Dark Web (30:15-41:33) and also with Cato Senior Fellow Ilya Shapiro on some of the big legal questions facing the US right now (41:52-53:03)

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