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The Young IPA Podcast Episode 145: Andrew Bolt Reacts To Eddie McGuire Showdown

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13 February 2020

The High Court divides Australians by race and the police have access to your search history – James and Pete are here to talk you through a pretty bleak week in Australian politics. At least the Oscars gave us something fun to talk about – James talks Pete through the big talking points. Andrew Bolt joins the show to talk about his showdown with Eddie McGuire, the US Presidential race and Pete gets to the bottom of why James is the way he is (12:27-40:33). Heroes and Villains this week include the Chinese people demanding free speech, the return of live music to NSW, the American police rounding up unlicensed painters and The Guardian being hypocrites with a bonus Joint Villain of Boris Johnson (40:33-51:39). Gideon then goes for a world record 5th straight win on the quiz against Pete and newcomer Dara Macdonald (51:39-1:00:05). At the end of the show, James and Pete break down Joe Biden calling a voter a “dog-faced lying pony soldier”, after an Australian couple on board the coronavirus-infested cruise get wine delivered to them by drone (#straya) we share what we’d get droned to us if we were there, and James gives Pete (and anyone who needs it) the definitive guide to ‘Pretending You’ve Seen Parasite’.

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James Bolt

James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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