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The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 57: Of Moral Panics And Spendathons

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3 April 2020

This week’s episode is brought to you from the Looking Forward remote studio! This week the Australian Government introduced the centrepiece of their corona virus crisis strategy, ‘the job keeper scheme’. How can we bring Australians back to work to unfreeze the frozen economy? (1:48-18:06) Everyday more social restrictions are emplaced on citizens, showing many what it is to live in a police state. How much power should politicians and the police have to curtail civil liberties and at what point has it gone too far? (18:06-37:38) The economic price tags for new policies have piled up, will these policies ever be reversed and how can the economy be rebuilt? (37:38-56:43)  Your host Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Gideon Rozner to answer these questions and share their isolation culture picks. This week’s picks include Zionism: the concise history, the TV show Modern Love and Lord Macaulay’s The History of England from the Accession of James the Second. (56:43-1:10:26)

Show Notes
Cryoeconomics: how to unfreeze the economy

Culture Picks
Zionism: the concise history; Alex Ryvchin–Alex-Ryvchin_p_302.html

Modern Love (TV Series)

The History of England from the Accession of James the Second; Lord Macaulay

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