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The Looking Forward Podcast Ep 53: Governments Fresh Out Of Ideas

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4 March 2020

As COVID 19 tests key institutions like the WHO, the panel asks whether rate cuts and stimulus packages just further reveal that our central bankers and policy makers have no ideas what our economy really needs? (0:57-19:52) It’s the issue that made the IPA’s Evan Mulholland Twitter famous, so is the push for four-bins recycling and plastics obsessions scheme pushing Australia forward or back? (19:52- 33:17) Taxpayers are funding the ABC while its so-called Media Watch acts as the enforcement arm fighting critics like the IPA to protect its rivers of gold. (33:17-44:50)

Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Dara Macdonald and Evan Mulholland to answer these questions and share their culture picks including Helena Rosenblatt’s The Lost History of Liberalism, Yasmine Mohammed’s Unveiled, the Academy Award winner Parasite and the ABC’s podcast The Eleventh  presented by Alex Mann. (44:50-1:02:10)


Show Notes

Speech, National Plastics Summit- Australian Parliament House, ACT; Prime Minister

Environmentalists Make Good Movie Villains Because They Want to Make your Real Life Worse; Sonny Bunch

The Perverse Panic over Plastic; John Tierney

Scott Morrison’s Recycling Strategy to Grow Green Jobs; Geoff Chambers

IPA v ABC; Media Watch


Culture Picks

The Lost History of Liberalism; Helena Rosenblatt

Unveiled; Yasmine Mohammed!%20Shopping%2090c&utm_term=4585169650599087&utm_content=All%20Custom%20Label

Parasite; Bong Joon Ho

The Eleventh; Alex Mann

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Scott Hargreaves

Scott Hargreaves is the Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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