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The Looking Forward Podcast Christmas Special – The IPA’s Great Books for The Summer Break Part 2

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18 December 2019

This week continues The Looking Forward Podcast’s Christmas Special! IPA staff discuss their favourite books of the year with Chris and Scott, giving the titles you cannot miss. Today’s podcast features Zachary Gorman and Renee Gorman as they discuss The American Counter Revolution (3:06-20:52) and The Madness of Crowds (20:52-33:02), followed by Gideon Rozner and Daniel Wild on Corkscrewed (33:41-44:22) and The Rise of Victimhood Culture (44:22-58:49). The episode then finishes with Scott Hargreaves and Chris Berg reviews of Escape from Rome (59:05-1:16:16) and Rebooting AI (1:16:16- 1:26:47). Chris Berg also recommends Understanding the Blockchain Economy (1:27:11-1:27:27) and Cryptodemocracy (1:27:27-1:27:40).

Books discussed:

The American Counter Revolution

The Madness of Crowds


The Rise of Victimhood Culture

Escape from Rome

Rebooting AI

Understanding the Blockchain Economy



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Scott Hargreaves

Scott Hargreaves is the Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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