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Ep 17: Can Capitalism Be Woke?

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15 May 2019

Both the Coalition and Labor have the same new home buyers policy, so just how much should the rest of us be panicking? (1:31-15:16) The Israel Folau saga has shown the rise of ‘woke capitalism’ in Australia, why and how should this be combated? (15:16-33:31) US unemployment is now at record lows, so is Donald Trump’s economic agenda working? (33:31-44:46) Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Daniel Wild and Dr Bella d’Abrera to discuss these issues and share what they’ve been reading, watching and listening to this week, including Wandering EarthCosi Fan Tutte The Captured Economy and Goethe: Life as a Work of Art (44:46-59:27)

Show notes

Latest First Home Buyers Policy Is Shortsighted And Likely To Create A Bubble, Daniel Wild

The Rise of Woke Capital, Ross Douthat

The Wandering Earth, Liu Cixin

Cosi Fan Tutte, Mozart

The Captured Economy, Brink Lindsey & Steven M. Teles

Goethe: Life as a Work of Art, Rüdiger Safranski

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Scott Hargreaves

Scott Hargreaves is the Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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