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The IPA With You Episode 16: Australia’s Trillion Dollar Coronavirus Debt

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6 October 2020

It’s official – Shutting Australia down for the sake of the coronavirus has Australia heading towards a trillion dollar debt. The coronavirus sent the premiers went off on a race to the bottom – a perverse competition to see who could close the most businesses and destroy the most jobs in the name of ‘doing something’ about the virus. And Scott Morrison made it known that the feds would pay for it all via JobKeeper and sundry other big-ticket spending items. Now, the tab has landed, the bill is due, and Australia is so deeply in debt that our great grandchildren will struggle to pay it off. In this budget night special episode, we are joined by IPA Director of Communications Evan Mulholland and Research Fellow Cian Hussey to talk about the great monstrosity that is the ‘coronavirus budget’, what it means for Australia, and what it means for you.

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Gideon Rozner

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

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