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The IPA With You Episode 17: Dan’s Omnibus Bill Defeated!

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8 October 2020


We’ve won the battle against Dan’s coronavirus ‘omnibus bill’, but the war to liberate Victoria goes on.

As we told you last month, this is the bill that created what we called the ‘Dan Stasi’ – the power to appoint anyone – including union officials and Labor Party activists – as ‘authorised officers’ who would have the right to arrest and indefinitely detain you – without trial or right to appeal – if they thought you posed a ‘risk to public health’.

But this is not over. All we’ve done is make sure that the situation in Victoria doesn’t get worse. But as Victorians well know, the situation is already very bad.

We speak to one of the key players in defeating the omnibus bill, Liberal Democrat state MP David Limbrick, who talks us through what’s changed, why the LDP will still vote against the (amended) omnibus bill, and what we can do to help the fight for Victoria’s freedom.

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Gideon Rozner

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

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