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The IPA With You Episode 2: How We Lost Our Freedoms

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19 August 2020



How did so many of our most fundamental rights and freedoms disappear in less than six months? In the words of Ernest Hemingway: Gradually, and then suddenly.

Victoria Police announce that drones will be used to enforce the lockdown, spying on Melburnians in parks, beaches and possibly their own backyards. And worst of all, it barely gets a mention in the media.

Daniel Andrews plans to extend Victoria’s ‘state of emergency’ indefinitely, but first he’ll need to recall parliament. Will he get the numbers in the upper house? And what does it mean in terms of when these restrictions are finally lifted?

In our new interview segment, we hear from Sky News Melbourne Reporter Gabriella Power. We ask her about the mooted extension to the Victorian government’s disaster powers, and what it’s like to be in the room for the tawdry showmanship that is the premier’s daily press conference.

All that plus your emails, and as always you can reach out at [email protected] to tell your story.


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Gideon Rozner

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

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