ARE WE HEADING FOR WAR WITH CHINA? | CounterCulture Episode 10

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30 April 2021

When the strongest crusaders of Western values are being cancelled left right and centre, the question remains, who is left to cancel the corrupt CCP? 

Senator James Patterson (00:46​) talks to us about the real possibility that is Australia's war with China - a rational reaction against what we see as history repeating itself. If liberal democracies keep frolicking in the fields of woke politics, there is little doubt that they're next in line to be China's puppet in world domination. 

Going from climate change to ‘climate justice’, where is woke academia going to draw the line? John Ruddick and Professor Ian Plimer (16:34​) join forces to uncover the true nature of alarmist environmental politics, as the ‘greatest scientific scam’ the world has ever seen! Politicising science faculties has only brought their flaws to the fore, unsurprising, when its corrupt nature ties back to Al Gore. 

On today’s ‘woke watch’ with Bella d’Abrera (35:16​), we explore the latest woke craziness in arts funding as a vehicle for superficial political symbolism. We ask ourselves then, will it ever be about the art, and not the artist?

And Sarah Dudley (31:30​) brings us the latest on the scandals engulfing Boris Johnson, whilst Rowan Dean (12:58​) explains how, if there is a war with China, Malcolm Turnbull and Christopher Pyne have left us woefully unprepared.

Gideon Rozner

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

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