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23 April 2021

Five years ago, a novel warned of a dark, disturbing, and dystopian image of the US. Now in 2021, this is the global reality. 

On the show, author Lionel Shriver delves into the impending doom that is Biden’s reckless trillion-dollar spending, and the cataclysmic implications for America’s economic future – if there's even one left. Further, Lionel warns of the ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ gaining traction in the economic community, and how bringing this theory to life will kill any economic life left from the COVID-19 aftermath.

The 2020 Democratic win remains short-lived, when their influence, like their leader, is dying at  rapid speed. Daniel McCarthy talks to us on the reasons behind the declining demographics that is pushing the party to use dirty tactics in gaming the electoral system. 

In 2019, the Australian people voted for a party hoping to fight the leftist climate rhetoric championed by the ALP. However, as Daniel Wild explains, it seems that Australia got just the opposite. ScoMo’s victory still rings in his ears, which explains why he is parroting the words ‘cleaner technology’, instead of listening to the people and investing taxpayer money responsibly. 

Rowan Dean and Sarah Dudley scrutinize misleading media narratives on the importance of ANZAC day that Australians increasingly taking for granted. Australians must rise above their government’s failures and take a stand against a woke military – a stand that would restore pride in the fallen soldiers. This is our wake-up call. Otherwise, history will repeat itself - as ‘Lest We Forget’ once warned us. 

Gideon Rozner

Gideon Rozner is the Director of Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs

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