Your Right To Know About ABC Hypocrisy

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24 October 2019
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It’s strange to see the ABC so keen to join the Your Right to Know campaign, considering this is what the IPA received when we put a Freedom of Information request to the ABC about why we’re never invited on The Drum:[0]=68.ARD_Y2LAQfjXIH5aT_oLoqfnccCd5u0RmTneSWrEjB2PzWMc0ON62daZ0QRXnWreANM9RbNutHo9-buCq5_UXf2vhlTRJX7_t6MbzIgfor6SutFZmtaDrfUau-J3C-sCGbOYn6KCeNWxtd3iMdrAvvlDj9YCCZcbakvF-O3ANHI-wgaS1khVY7jBaMmLHgmmBhhxj7o51x9TRdqADuPukvsjiiykQDDUyz3LFAa0gAX6oxx_hlQRL_eGe8aMem5yj-FlGK6nMRsQpWB6ACNHZKgfh7LIXROvklWphjvOYq1H_alsSRFxZVxernTKx1E2sh6Qk_nHvnChi3SMnTj80CuOhSu4-5wnxv4LH8wIL3Jp9S1lSYXgodWL7dvJ-aXSl1ch5v3cLzTHWdBdsCyht3pdnO02XVwHEHxL1_sZjQuYhVLrVZ0ZoKxn6wNbeua_EKuC_Jihkpv5GCIjzhKgNKtHeuytrQ8Bkw7IRo1LKECnuJruVdUN&__tn__=-R

We’re always happy to have people join us in the fight for free speech but it’s surprising to see Mark Dreyfus support this campaign when he called for 18C to be strengthened in May, and Kristina Keneally call a free press “ an essential pillar of our democracy” after she tried to block a journalist’s visa in August.

There has been an 80-fold increase to Commonwealth environmental regulation since 1971, according to the IPA’s report released today The growth of federal environmental law 2019 update. Morgan Begg said “environmental red tape has caused a haemorrhaging to business investment [which] is lower than the rate which prevailed during the economically-hostile Whitlam years.”

If you thought Greta Thunberg was too old to lead a movement then I have good news for you, pre-schoolers in Sydney have of their own volition and with no external manipulation decided to petition for the Aboriginal flag to permanently fly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As John Roskam told The Daily Mail on Wednesday these children are “ being manipulated by adults in positions of responsibility for the adults’ own political purposes”.

The great Matt Ridley appeared on Julia Hartley Brewer’s radio show last week for a 53 minute discussion on climate change, Extinction Rebellion and how to combat alarmism. It is a must-watch.

Justin Trudeau has been returned as Canadian Prime Minister, which really opens up his Halloween wardrobe for next week. Interestingly, Trudeau lost the popular vote but won more seats . I’m sure any minute now we’ll see the same outpouring of how much of an injustice this is like we saw in 2016.

The latest IPA Review has hit mailboxes! The IPA Review is free to all IPA Members, but Hey readers can read Scott Hargreaves’ editorial on why Boris’ fight for the nation state is our fight as well, and Diego Ilan Méndez on how Argentina was as rich as Australia until socialism took over.

Speaking of the nation state, read Australian values and the enduring importance of the nation-state – our landmark research report from Daniel Wild, Dr Zachary Gorman and Andrew Bushnell.

Article of the week:

Another week, another ‘big moment for Brexit’ that wasn’t. Brendan O’Neill’s scathing article in Spiked on Monday said that the British Parliament “plot ceaselessly against the people’s democratic wishes and then they cushion themselves from our judgement by continually blocking a General Election.” For more on Brexit with Brendan, watch this week’s Young IPA Podcast.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Gideon Rozner

While the brutal repression of Hong Kong has been broadcast to the world, Beijing’s treatment of mainland Chinese remains shrouded in secrecy. In this confronting article, Ha’Aretz’s David Stavrou interviews Sayragul Sauytbay about the horrors she experienced in one of China’s notorious re-education camps. It is an important insight into the plight of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang province, and a sobering warning about the unspeakable cruelty of the Chinese Communist Party.

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