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Yarra Council Continues To Take The Prize For Australia’s Most Woke Council

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8 July 2022
Originally appeared in The Herald Sun

You would think that they’d be more focused on their own issues. Yet the council continues to push forward with its painfully woke agenda instead.

No matter the time of year, Melbourne’s Green-controlled City of Yarra Council continues to take the prize for Australia’s most woke council.

This week, in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion”, the council’s “Rainbow Advisory Committee” has declared that the original “pride” flag does not have enough colours in the rainbow.

Apparently the original seven colours are now discriminatory, depending on the day.

Moving forward, the committee has demanded that concerted efforts must be made to fly several multi-coloured variations.

So, along with the original “pride” flag, it proposes to hoist the Philadelphia Pride Flag, the Pride Progress Flag and the Intersex-Inclusive Pride Flag.

By the time it has finished, ratepayers will have to learn semaphore to decipher what is going on.

Intersex-Inclusive Pride Flag.
Intersex-Inclusive Pride Flag.
Philadelphia Pride Flag.
Philadelphia Pride Flag.

And many more flags and poles will be needed, no doubt at great expense to the ratepayer.

Given the parlous state of City of Yarra’s flagging finances, this possibly the very last issue that it should be worrying about.

Surely, councillors should be more worried that the city’s reputation is so bad that Ratepayers

Victoria has called for the council to be sacked.

You would think that they’d be worried that they are being investigated for infighting on social media, as well as the accusation that a councillor started a fight outside a gay nightclub in South Yarra.

Yet, despite all this, the council continues to push forward with its painfully woke agenda and massive exercise in literal and figurative virtue signalling.

City of Yarra Mayor Sophie Wade. Picture: Facebook
City of Yarra Mayor Sophie Wade. Picture: Facebook
City of Yarra CEO Sue Wilkinson.
City of Yarra CEO Sue Wilkinson.

True to form, the folk at City of Yarra are not telling ratepayers how much this is going to cost. Nor are they prepared to ask the community if they actually want this festival of flags.

It was reported in the council’s minutes that “public engagement on this subject was limited to discussions with the Rainbow Advisory Committee” and that “officers advise that widespread community consultation is not required due to the narrow scope of the recommendations.”

This council is completely out of touch with ratepayers and their use of hard-earned dollars to fund this kind of blatant social engineering is disgraceful and will no doubt anger many. It is putting identity politics, and the concept of diversity and inclusion, before its core business as a local council.

The problem with diversity is that it is infinite.

Every time a flag is created to represent one community; another will be left out.

These flags end up being exclusive and divisive, rather than inclusive and unifying. Someone will always be offended because they are not represented.

The simple and cost-effective solution is this: No matter which day of the week, there is only one flag that can truly unite and represent all Australians, and that’s the Australian flag.

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Bella d'Abrera

Dr Bella d'Abrera is the Director, Foundations of Western Civilisation Program at the Institute of Public Affairs

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