Voice Wording Confirms Mainstream Australia’s Fears Of A New Age Of Racial Division

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23 March 2023
Voice Wording Confirms Mainstream Australia’s Fears Of A New Age Of Racial Division - Featured image

“The proposed wording of the question to be put to the upcoming referendum confirms that the Voice is not a modest request, as the Prime Minister asserts, but a dangerous demand that will create a two-tiered society along racial lines,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs.

Today’s announcement from the Federal Government on the wording of the question to be put at the forthcoming Indigenous only Voice to Parliament referendum, as well as the proposed new chapter to be inserted into our Constitution, confirms they seek to permanently entrench racial division in Australia.

“Should the Prime Minister and the political class get their way, we will see the re-introduction of a racially divided society in Australia. This is the beginning of a very dark path, where an Australian’s race will be put ahead of their need and merit,” said Mr Wild.

“The proposed wording confirms that the Voice will have veto power over every major decision of both parliament and the executive, making our supreme law-making body, the Parliament of Australia, subservient to this race-based activist body.”

“The overwhelming majority of Australians agree that more work needs to be done to achieve better outcomes for Indigenous Australians in the outback. However, this proposed Canberra-based, race-based body for activists will achieve nothing towards this.”

IPA research has shown there is a large and growing body of domestic and international evidence which demonstrates that the proposed Indigenous only Voice to Parliament will be more powerful and have a much more divisive impact on Australian culture and society than the Federal Government claims.

“Australia’s history of judicial activism means the Voice to Parliament will almost certainly be granted far reaching legal powers and be a forum for divisive activism just like the failed Māori only Voice to Parliament in New Zealand,” said Mr Wild.

“The Prime Minister surely knows how weak his proposal is, because not even he will include the wording of the constitution change in the question proper, because all the polling shows Australians do not support permanent racial division.”

“The vote on the Voice is a huge opportunity for Australians to confirm their commitment to racial equality by saying no to a race-based body in the constitution, and rejecting the political elites’ divisive agenda,” said Mr Wild.

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