The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 93 with Dr Bella d’Abrera, Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves

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22 January 2019

The IPA’s new poll finds Australians actually like Australia Day right where it is. The MAGA teenagers and Buzzfeed’s big scoop proves you shouldn’t believe any news you read on the internet until three days have passed and the IPA is launching a brand new podcast, Looking Forward. James and Pete talk to Dr Bella d’Abrera after a lengthy hiatus from the show to talk about the results of the new poll commissioned by the IPA on attitudes towards Australia Day and why her mum wasn’t a fan of her appearance on SBS (19:53-34:16). We also talk to Looking Forward hosts Dr Chris Berg and Scott Hargreaves about the new podcast, why the IPA is launching it, what type of conversations they’ll have and what advice James and Pete can bestow on new podcasts (34:23-43:19).

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