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The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 89 with Brendan O’Neill (Part 2) and Dr Zachary Gorman

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7 December 2018

The world is protesting but Paris is the one worth paying attention to. Australia is about to have some disturbing new data laws passed and a US frat has the perfect response to being asked to take the US flag down from their property. We play Part 2 of our interview with Brendan O’Neill where we discuss freedom of speech, censorship at universities and what is next for Spiked (17:25-50:43). We also talk to newest IPA Research Fellow Dr Zachary Gorman on the work he’s going to be doing at the IPA and the history of liberal thought in Australia (51:07-1:06:48) .

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James Bolt

James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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