The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 88 with Brendan O’Neill (Part 1) and Daniel Wild

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30 November 2018

It’s the day after the IPA’s 75th Anniversary Dinner and James and Pete are recovering. We talk about all the fun IPA staff and members had at the dinner then move on to the less-fun Victorian election and how the average rate of personal income tax about to reach 20% in Australia. We play part 1 of our hour long discussion with Brendan O’Neill, with this part on his new book Anti-Woke (available from Connor Court Publishing) and what he makes of the state of Brexit and why he remains optimistic about it (12:16-41:27). We also talk to IPA Research Fellow Daniel Wild about the Victorian election, what the Liberal Party federally and in other states can learn from the Victorian Liberal Party and what another 4 years of Labor means for Victoria (41:44-56:37)