The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 86 with Daniel Wild and Michael Ozias

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16 November 2018
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 86 with Daniel Wild and Michael Ozias - Featured image

Theresa May has finally united the Leave and Remain camps…against her. The government announces Robert French will lead an inquiry into freedom of speech at universities and we’re hoping it ends in a better place than the Israel embassy move. the Journal of Controversial Ideas makes us lose faith in the state of academic freedom but Dan Crenshaw gives us hope in the future of open discourse. James and Pete talk to IPA Research Fellow Daniel Wild about his trip to the US with the Atlas Network, organisations he met that help spread liberty in China and Egypt, what US think tanks are making of the state of liberty in America and internationally and what he made of the midterm elections (16:52-33:46). We also talk to US filmmaker Michael Ozias who is visiting the IPA with the Lights Camera Liberty program to talk about why free market organisations need to be making more films, the state of Hollywood censorship of alternative viewpoints and he gives his take on James and Pete’s pitches for upcoming projects (33:54-48:16)

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