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The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 82 with Morgan Begg & Kurt Wallace

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19 October 2018

Australia might be moving its embassy to Jerusalem, a central problem with the government’s company tax plan is revealed, the World Economic Forum release their annual competitiveness rankings, the US is emitting CO2 at a 67 year low despite withdrawing from Paris and the IPA’s new report on criminal justice is released. James and Pete talk with IPA Research Fellow Morgan Begg to discuss how Hollywood is now gearing movies towards the approval of Chinese censors and what that means, the religious freedom case in the UK and why the Supreme Court has become such a political issue in the US over the last 30 years (17:47-42:03). We also talk to new IPA Research Fellow Kurt Wallace about his new role at the IPA, the Dignity of Work Program and what areas he’s going to be looking at (42:12-48:38).

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James Bolt

James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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