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The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 78 with Matthew Lesh & Andrew Bushnell

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21 September 2018


This week James and Pete talk about how cutting red tape has saved US taxpayers $1.3b, the British Labour Party MP who wants the government to get involved in private Facebook groups and Australia’s public service now having a higher population than South Australia. We talk to IPA Research Fellow Matthew Lesh about his new book Democracy in a Divided Australia, what makes an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’ Australian and the protest at the recent Bettina Arndt speech (12:34-29:56). We also talk to IPA Research Fellow Andrew Bushnell about his upcoming report on the concept of ‘victim’s rights’ in legal cases, why law and order will be a key issue in the upcoming Victorian election and preview a big weekend of sport for James and Andrew (30:06-47:22)

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James Bolt

James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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