The Young IPA Podcast Episode 166: Trump Takes On Twitter

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29 May 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 166: Trump Takes On Twitter - Featured image


We finally get to lead off a show with something other than coronavirus – Donald Trump signs an executive order with huge implications for social media. So should tech giants be regulated like publishers and not platforms? We also discuss Hong Kong no longer seen by the US as independent of China and recap the latest with Peter Ridd. Likes and dislikes this week include the return of live sport to Australia, the vibe across the country as restrictions continue to ease, public sector pay freezes being abandoned and how quick Victorians were to dob in their neighbours for breaking social distancing (0:00-26:34).

Adam and Mia Schlicht join the quiz and bring the sibling rivalry (26:34-40:02)

before James and Pete discuss Japan asking theme park attendees not to scream to stop coronavirus and North Korea finally admitting Kim Il Sung could not teleport (40:02-48:29).

This week’s draft has James, Pete, Adam and Mia draft the greatest siblings in history (48:29-1:06:05)


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