The Young IPA Podcast Episode 135: Bridget Phetasy & Dave Sharma MP

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14 November 2019
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 135: Bridget Phetasy & Dave Sharma MP - Featured image
Pete doesn’t mind the Greens playing politics with Australia’s bushfires – it’s just that they’re wrong. Heroes and villains this week includes the Geelong council that won’t declare a climate emergency, the beer company telling everyone Epstein didn’t kill himself, Q&A cancelling itself and Hillary Clinton’s Book of Gutsy Women not including Thatcher.
We talk to comedian, podcaster and YouTuber Bridget Phetasy about whether it’s time to cancel Obama, woke culture and Beto O’Rourke withdrawing his campaign (15:00-32:47).
James gets his sheriff badge out to challenge Member for Wentworth Dave Sharma MP on Brexit and whether Malcom Turnbull’s Breitbart subscription still comes to the electoral office (32:47-47:47) before another round of Hey What Did We Miss? where Pat’s behaviour is simply out of control. There will be repercussions (47:47-57:35).
At the end of the show we debut our new segment Pete’s Tweet which sees us directly contact a guest we’ve been circling for a while, talk about Micky Mouse and Albus Dumbledore being included among 11,000 climate scientists demanding a climate emergency, share the story of the guy who dumped his girlfriend for not panicking enough about climate change and James has an unusual solution and frankly alarming solution to Pete’s cricket team’s horrendous start this season.
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