The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 133: We Realise We Need Tony Jones

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31 October 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 133: We Realise We Need Tony Jones - Featured image

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Climate change protesters are in protesting in Melbourne…again. This time they’re spitting on people! The UK Parliament finally agrees on a December election and the ACCC is taking Google to court over your data – but would you rather have corporations have your data or the government? James and Pete discuss all this and share their heroes and villains for the week including Kanye West, Larry King, the Bureau of Meteorology and people who want plastic bags banned.
We talk to social media commentator, filmmaker and water activist Topher Field to learn about Australia’s man-made drought and how government policy is destroying lives in the Murray-Darling basin (18:40-37:01).
We also talk to Generation Liberty member Luca Rossi about how to make absolutely sure your Halloween costumes offends no-one – Pete has a genuinely disturbing solution (37:01-45:51) before another round of the YIPA quiz Hey What Did We Miss? (45:51-55:47).
At the end, we talk the strangely glowing tributes from the Washington Post and Bloomberg to slain ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi, Parliament House emits more radiation than a nuclear power plant which everyone knows will lead to superpowers, we grade Hamish Macdonald as a Q&A host and realise we need Tony Jones and after Rudy Giuliani butt dials a reporter saying he needs money Pete recounts the time he butt dialled the Ambassador of the Czech Republic from his footy club ball.

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