The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 123 with Drew Pavlou and Kirsty O’Sullivan

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22 August 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 123 with Drew Pavlou and Kirsty O’Sullivan - Featured image


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Pete is back from Europe! And we’re right back in to the major stories, like if Pacific Island leaders and the UN would tell people in Bangladesh who don’t have electricity that coal is evil; Trump’s plans to buy Greenland; tell people not worry about fake Chinese police cars in Australia because the owners told the police they bought the decals of eBay because they looked cool; how the minimum wage is a morality issue; and talk about the growing crisis in Argentina. We talk to Drew Pavlou, a University of Queensland student who organised the pro-Hong Kong protests that were met with violence about his story and what it was like schooling Tony Jones on Q&A (18:18-27:04). Then we bring back Adam Schlicht who went down to the University of Melbourne to see what the students think of the Hong Kong protests around Australia (27:04-31:30). Pete and James cover a few more stories that made us laugh, including the evils of bringing Wayne Rooney back to England to play in front of adoring fans, the Byron Mayor who will save the world by turning off street lights and we have the first two ads that got banned in the UK for showing gender stereotypes. We also talk to Kirsty O’Sullivan from the Liberal Democrats about Australia banning another video game and the Nanny State in general (40:42-53:30) before finishing with another round of our new quiz Hey…What Did We Miss with Pete challenging Patrick Hannaford and returning champion Renee Gorman.


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