The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 120 with Matthew Lesh and Hong Kong Protester Shawn

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1 August 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 120 with Matthew Lesh and Hong Kong Protester Shawn - Featured image

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Pete is away so he misses out on discussing all the big stories of the week with James and Adam from So Fox – like the incoming regulation of big tech, all the government agencies (including Veterinary Surgeons Boards) who are trying to get your metadata, and Labor’s attempts to keep a CPAC speaker out of Australia because they threaten “equality.” Heroes and Villains this week features a kid learning the horror of taxes through Monopoly and a councillor putting ‘carbon footprint’ over ‘human safety’. James talks to IPA Adjunct Fellow Matthew Lesh to preview Boris Johnston’s Prime Ministership, assess Theresa May’s legacy and ask whether Britain will actually leave the EU on October 31. James also speaks to Shawn, a Hong Kong protestor visiting Melbourne, about where the protests are at now, prospects for liberty and what it’s like to live in a country so divided. At the end James and Adam recap the push to cancel Quentin Tarantino, Trump trying to free A$AP Rocky, The Rock caving to the outrage mob and whether Labor MP Will Fowles kicking in a hotel door is a template for Adam when he’s a rockstar.

Post-interview Shawn wished to clarify some remarks – The original case that started the extradition bill involved someone being extradited to Taiwan from Hong Kong, not the other way around. This captures the fears of Hong Kongers that they may one day be extradited to China.”

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