The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 119 with Burgess Owens & Adam Schlicht

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25 July 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 119 with Burgess Owens & Adam Schlicht - Featured image

All hail Boris Johnson. James and Pete are happy with the new UK Prime Minister because he will provide them with good content, talk about why super is a tax on young people, recap the latest with Dr Peter Ridd and James Cook University and tell anti-coal activists that harshly for opposing to export of Australian coal to countries like Bangladesh wants Australian coal as well as give out this week’s Heroes and Villains awards. We talk to Super Bowl winning NFL player Burgess Owens about his recent Wall St Journal article on reparations, the politicisation of sport and why he ended up at the Oakland Raiders (19:05-42:11). After that, we discuss the Extinction Rebellion protester who lives in a carbon-emitting mansion, fresh calls for a minimum price on alcohol, the anti-manspreading chair, Bernie Sanders turning out to be a hardcore capitalist and play a highlight from Gary Wolfram’s magnificent speech to Generation Liberty IPA Academy. Then for a bonus treat at the end of the show we talk to Melbourne musician Adam Schlicht from So Fox about how red tape is strangling Australia’s music industry and how censorious university lecturers inspired his song-writing (50:03-1:00:08)

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