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The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 116 with Andrew Bolt & Rod Kemp

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2 July 2019

James and Pete discuss Antifa assaulting Quillette journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, Google engineering algorithms to interfere with the 2020 election, Jeremy Corbyn getting around Stormzy’s set at Glastonbury, and the disabled Grandpa fired from ASDA for sharing a Billy Connolly routine on his private facebook account. We talk to Bolt Report host Andrew Bolt about the Israel Folau case and what it means for free speech, Joffa and the only person to finish their whisky on the ‘Whisky with a Mate’ segment (18:36-46:37). We also talk to outgoing Chair of the IPA The Hon Rod Kemp who reflects on his time with the IPA, how the role has changed while he’s been Chair and why he thinks Janet Albrechtsen will “supercharge” the IPA’s growth (46:40-1:00:23). At the end, James and Pete review Presidential candidate and old-school hippy Marianne Williamson’s amazing Twitter account, disagree on #ScoModi’s bromance, take Glastonbury to task for not knowing what a fence is and discuss ghost civil servants in France.

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James Bolt

James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs

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