The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 114 with Matt Kibbe & Kurt Wallace

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18 June 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 114 with Matt Kibbe & Kurt Wallace - Featured image

Now on YouTube as well! James and Pete discuss the latest on free speech at Australian universities, the AFL’s crackdown on fan behaviour. the latest with the Hong Kong protests, the police being involved in the wake of Jo Brand’s joke and we review if net neutrality actually did kill the internet (it didn’t.) James sits down with Matt Kibbe, President of Free the People, to talk about what libertarians can do to win the moral argument, why love, life and liberty are intertwined, beer regulation and his book Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff (21:49-36:49). Then James and Pete talk to IPA Research Fellow Kurt Wallace to talk about his new report into regulatory dark matter and why housing is so unaffordable for young people. (36:50-45:54) At the end we talk about how sugar taxes don’t work, Twitter suspending The Tweet Of God, the legal plight of Grunt the Pig, Noel Gallagher’s comments on Brexit and Rob Reiner needs to calm down online.

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