The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 113 with Daisy Cousens & Steve Baxter

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11 June 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 113 with Daisy Cousens & Steve Baxter - Featured image

The country is finally talking about press freedom and James and Pete couldn’t be happier. Over a million people protest in Hong Kong, a new report shows that the world isn’t running out of resources and things are getting cheaper, the guy who attacked volunteers in Warringah is discovered and green activism is killing the Great Barrier Reef. James speaks to YouTube and Sky News After Dark star Daisy Cousens about the vast right wing conspiracy, her career and dealing with online trolls (18:12-36:51). He also talks to Steve Baxter from Shark Tank about the election, what it means for business and Adani (36:52-52:13). At the end of the show we talk Joe Biden’s friendship bracelet, another spectator kicked out of an AFL game, choose your champion Naomi Wolf v Paul Dolan, glaciers and why Dodgeball made James the man he is today.

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