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The Looking Forward Episode 85: Global Progressives Unhinged By Jacindavirus (ARDERN 20)

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21 October 2020

Gideon Rozner joins the panel to compare world leaders’ various responses to coronavirus and how this links to politically polarised ideals of “leadership”. If leadership for progressives just means technocracy and more lockdowns, is that why Gideon’s labelling of Jancinda Adern as “incompetent” saw much frothing and outrage across domestic and global media?
We highlight the various leadership styles of Saint Jacida, Chairman Dan, the Donald and others, and ask what can be made of their approaches to gaining followers or popularity through the crisis? And we explain the difference between the errors of State leaders Daniel Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian.

The big question is why should performative leadership’ be rewarded while sheer managerial incompetence is ignored; and whether leadership and management can even be meaningfully separated? 

In the USA President Trump aims to buck the media and the consensus of negative polls; but are those polls really reflective of the likely Electoral College outcomes? Will Americans vote on the virus, or economics and other themes that favour Trump? (37:06-52:40)


Culture Picks this week include American historical legal drama film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, written by Aaron Sorkin; Sally Rugg’s book, How Powerful We Are: Behind the Scenes with One of Australia’s Leading Activists; and Apple TV series, Ted Lasso, Created by Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence. (53:00-1:06:24)



Show notes 


From ‘beacon of hope’ to ‘incompetent’: world media on Jacinda Ardern’s big election win; Toby Manhire



Thirteen Days – A Memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis; Robert F. Kennedy




The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Ahead; The Editors/National Review




Culture Picks

2020 American historical legal drama film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, written by Aaron Sorkin



2020 TV series, Ted Lasso, Created by Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly, Bill Lawrence



Book by Sally Rugg, How Powerful We Are: Behind the scenes with one of Australia’s leading activists



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