The High Court Has Divided Us By Race

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13 February 2020
The High Court Has Divided Us By Race - Featured image

The High Court of Australia has committed “the most radical instance of judicial activism in Australian history” said Morgan Begg after the Court found that no Indigenous person, even if they were born overseas, could be considered an “alien”.

Daniel Wild on The Bolt Report on Wednesday said “this is divisive identity politics that has infested the High Court.”



Morgan Begg was in The Australian today warning “if the High Court is willing to create a separate and privileged class of person that is beyond the scope of Australia’s migration laws, then what would it be prepared to do with a preamble or declaration written into the Constitution?”

Australia must follow President Trump’s direction in criminal justice, says Andrew Bushnell in his new report First Step Australia: 10 Ideas For Reducing Reoffending. Incarceration has increased by 30% in the last five years and prisons now cost Australians $4 billion annually in operation costs alone. As Andrew told The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday, ” to be tough on crime means actually reducing crime, and reducing crime means being clever about it.”

Those with lingering doubts about Boris Johnson will feel justified after last week he announced that he was bringing forward a ban on the sale of petrol cars earlier to 2035 rather than 2040. Is there anything politicians like doing more than announcing policies they won’t be in parliament to see the effects of?

Readers of John Roskam’s Friday email (free with IPA Membership) would have loved the article in The Weekend Australian on how taking the scores out of children’s sporting matches is ensuring children aren’t learning the art of resilience. Stories such as this are one of the themes of IPA Member Karalee Katsambanis’ terrific new book Step Parenting With Purposeclick here to order a copy.

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“Maybe now millennials and those younger will wake up to the reality of totalitarian, communist regimes” writes Melissa Mackenzie in The American Spectator on Wednesday as it becomes clear China is lying to the world about the coronavirus.

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David Brooks is a sort of tame conservative writer for The New York Times, and author of multiple books on the social problems facing America and the West today. In this article in The Atlantic he argues that whatever the merits of the nuclear family as an institution, the reality is that only in the upper socioeconomic reaches of society can it thrive. If we can’t all return to the support networks of extended families and communities, then something needs to change as collapsing family structure drive social pathologies.

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