South-East Elites Red Tape Ambush On Regional Queenslanders Must End

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16 August 2022
South-East Elites Red Tape Ambush On Regional Queenslanders Must End - Featured image

“The secret plot to hand unelected, Brisbane-based bureaucrats the power to retrospectively shut down critical mining and farming projects dramatically increases sovereign risk, and demonstrates Queensland’s future under net zero,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.

As reported in The Australian, secret legislation drafted by the Queensland Environment Department would hand state government bureaucrats the power to retrospectively wind back existing environmental approvals, licences, and permits to slash production ­capacity.

“This is what happens when radical green activists are recruited by south-east Queensland elites to work in government departments with no idea or concern for those they actually serve – the community,” Mr Wild said.

“Under the policy of net zero emissions by 2050, supported by both sides of politics, green-left bureaucrats will be given almost limitless power to shut down any project which they decide is a risk to the environment.”

“The power to shut down projects which are critical to the future of regional Australia should not be granted to any bureaucrat, let alone those with a history of green group activism.”

The latest attack on the natural resources sector comes on the heels of a substantial hike to the coal mining royalties rate announced in the state budget this year.

“Regional Queenslanders are doing all the heavy lifting for the state economy, yet time and again come under attack by out-of-touch Brisbane-based bureaucrats.”  

Rather than adding yet more red and green tape, the Queensland government should slash red tape by;

  1. Introducing a one-in-two out approach, where two pieces of regulation are scrapped for every new regulation introduced.
  2. Repeal all native vegetation red tape which stops farmers developing their own private farmland.
  3. Immediately grant approval to all critical resources projects which are tied up in the environmental approvals process.

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