Protecting Flexibility in a Dynamic Economy

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23 November 2018
Protecting Flexibility in a Dynamic Economy - Featured image

A new research paper from the IPA concludes that if the Andrews government is re-elected, Victorians can expect fundamental changes to the sharing
economy and the labour hire industry, that will undermine flexibility for Victorian workers and businesses.

The paper by IPA Research Fellow Kurt Wallace examines current or proposed changes to the sharing economy, regulations hitting the labour hire industry, proposals to tackle ‘wage theft’, and the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws, in the context of the rapid growth of the Victorian public sector since 2014.

Mr Wallace said: “The rise of the sharing economy has benefited thousands of Victorians by providing flexible work opportunities, helping individuals find work around their other commitments, and alleviating unemployment and underemployment. The sharing economy has also had a significant positive impact on the lifestyle of Victorians, particularly with changes in eating habits, and the way people move around cities.”

“To protect flexibility for workers and businesses, we need to reduce government interventions that undermine the value creating process of free markets. Individuals need to be free to contract with businesses as independent contractors, and businesses need to be able to utilise labour effectively to deliver the lifestyle currently enjoyed by Victorians. Should the Andrews government be re-elected, the new regulatory measure it puts forward should be clearly scrutinised,” he said.

The research report, “Protecting Flexibility in a Dynamic Economy: A Critique of the Victorian Government’s Regulatory Agenda”, can be downloaded here.




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