New Schools Program Is Dangerous And Divisive

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31 March 2021
New Schools Program Is Dangerous And Divisive - Featured image

If you thought Safe Schools was bad, wait until you find out what the NSW Education department is doing to make schools unsafe in this state.

As part of an initiative called ‘Racism. No Way!’ children from Kindergarten to Year 12 are being indoctrinated with lessons in unconscious bias, white privilege and institutional racism.

While the initiative bills itself as ‘anti-racism education for Australian schools’, the reality is that it has turned the classroom into a highly politicised environment in which children are being told Australia’s history, as well as its institutions, are racist, and that white people should feel guilty about being white.

The lessons, which claim to ‘develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed to counter racism, prejudice, and discrimination’ have been designed to be taught across all learning areas of the NSW Curriculum.

And because the people behind ‘Racism. No Way!’ believe that you can never start too early, they have developed a series of ‘anti- prejudice’ classroom activities for kindergarten children.

In ‘Understanding Prejudice,’ four-year -olds who are barely able to write their own name are asked to discuss ‘discrimination which exists between the two groups as well as its effects’.

Meanwhile, their 10 -year- old counterparts are being introduced to ‘Critical Race Theory’ in lessons such as ‘Racist Behaviour’ which explains that ‘sometimes it’s hard to recognise racism, especially if you’re not the target’ and that ‘racism is a policy or system of government and society based upon it.’

In a lesson called ‘Institutional Racism’, teenagers are required to ‘identity, define and consider effects of institutional racism’ while in ‘National Symbols’ they are asked to consider if the Australian flag is really appropriate for Australia today.

By the time they reach secondary school, it’s all about ‘white privilege.’

Students watch an American film called ‘you don’t have to be racist to have white privilege’ featuring a feisty woman of colour explaining that from the moment a white person is born, they are afforded certain privileges.

There is no place for this dangerous ideology which chips away at individual and national identity in Australian schools. Parents need to know that their impressionable children who are barely out of nappies are being indoctrinated with radical race theory which comes straight out of academia.

It is wrong to tell Australian children that the country of their citizenship is racist to its core. Instead, they need to know that our society is formed on universal institutions and values of Western Civilisation which have helped shape the historical development of our society.

These institutions have given us rights and freedoms which apply to all, not just to certain groups.

Respect for the individual, equality of men and women under the law, abolition of slavery and freedom of speech, liberal democracy and equal claim to rights as citizens apply to all Australians, no matter their race.

Australian children should be taught to appreciate the universality of these values and traditions, rather than be turned into mini social justice activists who will grow up hating both themselves and Australia.

The NSW Education Minister should do everything in her power to protect children from this dangerous and divisive ideology.

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