Net Zero Emissions Means Net Zero Jobs

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20 April 2021
Net Zero Emissions Means Net Zero Jobs - Featured image

Free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs has warned of humanitarian and economic destruction if the Morrison Government were to adopt a net zero emissions target.

“The Coalition’s sprint towards a net zero emissions target is a betrayal of the Australian people,” said Daniel Wild, Director of Research at the IPA.

“A net zero emissions target will destroy Australian jobs and the Australian way of life.”

“This is a policy designed by and for inner-city elites and is intended to save a small number of left-leaning Liberal seats in Melbourne and Sydney at the expense of mainstream Australians in the suburbs and regions.”

“Scott Morrison won ‘the climate election’ by promising mainstream Australians that he would prioritise their jobs over destructive emissions targets, but he has turned his back on those very people to appease the Party of Davos elites.”

IPA research has identified that up 653,600 jobs would be put at risk from a net zero emissions target, and that those jobs losses would be concentrated in regional Queensland and New South Wales in the agriculture, manufacturing, and coal mining industries.

“Australians working in the regions and in industries such as manufacturing and agriculture are being forced to sacrifice their jobs and livelihoods so a small group of inner-city elites can feel a warm glow and enjoy unearned virtue.”

“Australia’s media and political class have fallen for the lie that China is committed to reducing emissions,” said Mr Wild.

IPA research estimated that China emits more carbon in 16 days than Australia does in one year, and that China operates 57 coal fired power stations for each one currently operating in Australia.

This figure will increase in coming years as China is currently constructing 92 coal-fired power stations, with a further 135 in the pre-construction phase, while Australia has none in the construction or pre-construction phases.

A poll commissioned by the IPA with data collected by marketing research firm Dynata found that 53% of Australians agree with the statement ‘Jobs and economic security are more important than reducing carbon emissions’ while only 21% disagree.

IPA research has found that renewable energy sector accounts for just 0.2% of all jobs across the Australian economy, compared with agriculture (3.1% of all jobs), mining (2.5% of all jobs), and manufacturing (7.9% of all jobs). Together, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing account for 13.5% of all jobs.

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