Moving In Unison: Maximum Temperatures From Victoria, Australia

20 August 2017
Moving In Unison: Maximum Temperatures From Victoria, Australia - Featured image

This post provides a link to download as a PDF, Chapter 10 of Climate Change The Facts 2017, “Moving in Unison: Maximum Temperatures from Victoria, Australia”, by Jennifer Marohasy & Dr Jaco Vlok.

Climate change is often described by complicated statistics. In this chapter, we simply show all the maximum temperature series ever recorded by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau) for Victoria, Australia. We encourage you to make up your own mind about temperature trends by simply looking at this raw data. The individual temperature series show a very high degree of synchrony – they move in unison, suggesting they are an accurate recording of climate variability and change. But there is no long-term warming trend. There are, however, cycles of warming and cooling, with the warmest periods corresponding with times  of drought.

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