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Liberty Victoria’s Fraudulent Free Speech Award

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20 March 2018
Originally appeared in The Australian

IPA Director of Policy, Simon Breheny, commented on this story in The Australian about Human rights group Liberty Victoria awarding Yassmin Abdel-Magied with their 2018 Young Voltaire Award.

The Institute of Public Affairs, a conservative think-tank, hit out at Liberty Victoria for giving Ms Abdel-Magied a prize for free speech.

“I’m struggling to recall anything Ms Abdel-Magied has done to defend freedom of speech.” IPA director of policy Simon Breheny said.

Mr Breheny also said Liberty Victoria were a “fraudulent outfit” for not standing up for victims of anti-free speech laws.

“Where was Liberty Victoria when Bill Leak was being chastised by the Australian Human Rights Commission? Where were these so-called defenders of free expression when several QUT students were being subjected to a secret trial?” he said.

“Instead of defending the victims, this fraudulent outfit last year gave its freedom of speech award to the perpetrator of these injustices, Gillian Triggs.”

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