John Roskam To End His Term As Executive Director Of The IPA

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17 November 2021
John Roskam To End His Term As Executive Director Of The IPA - Featured image

John Roskam, the Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, announced today to IPA members that after 17 years he will conclude his term as Executive Director in June 2022 and will take up a position as Senior Fellow at the IPA.

“It has been an honour to have been entrusted with the leadership of the IPA that for 78 years has fought to protect our freedoms and our way of life. The IPA has achieved everything I hoped for when I was appointed Executive Director 17 years ago. The IPA is established as one of this country’s most important institutions committed to enhancing human freedom and flourishing,” said John Roskam.

“I look forward to continuing my work with the IPA as a Senior Fellow. This will provide me with the opportunity to write and read and complete my book on the enduring relevance of the work of George Orwell.”

“In addition, I will continue to devote myself to the IPA research program established earlier this year, The Centre for the Australian Way of Life. The values that have created the Australian way of life: democracy, egalitarianism, and freedom in all its dimensions, are being challenged as never before in this country’s post-war history and it falls to the IPA to explain and defend those values that are the foundation of the way of life we are so fortunate to enjoy in Australia.”

“I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the 8,000 members of the IPA who have placed their faith and trust for a better future for Australia in me and the outstanding team at the IPA.”

“I would also like to extend my thanks to the Board of Directors for their commitment and support to me over my time as Executive Director and I wish to particularly acknowledge the wonderful relationship I have had with all the chairs of the IPA during my term, the Hon Alan Stockdale AO, the Hon Rod Kemp AM, Dr Janet Albrechtsen, and Mr Geoff Hone,” said Mr Roskam.

The Chairman of the IPA, Mr Geoff Hone said: “On behalf of every IPA member I want to express our gratitude to John Roskam. Under his visionary leadership for the past 17 years the Institute of Public Affairs has grown strongly, and its research has gained significantly in prominence.”

“Under his stewardship the IPA established a number of research programs in areas such as economic policy, freedom of speech, scientific enquiry, education, and our nation’s culture that have shaped the contours of the debate in Australia. As Executive Director, John oversaw the creation of the Baillieu Myer Media Studio which has transformed the ability of the IPA to communicate its research to the public, and he initiated the IPA’s Generation Liberty Program to advance the cause of individual, political and economic freedom with young Australians.”

“I am delighted John will continue working with the IPA as a Senior Fellow.  The Board has established a search process for the next Executive Director of the IPA,” said Mr Hone.

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