IPA Welcomes Comments By Wayne Swan

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4 October 2018
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John Roskam, Executive Director of the free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs today welcomed comments by ALP Federal President, Wayne Swan about the role of the IPA in public debate.

As reported in The Guardian Australia, Mr Swan said:

“…rightwing thinktanks, including the Institute of Public Affairs, “backed up by their friends in the rightwing press” have been successful in framing the policy conversation on inequality, workplace relations, deregulation, corporate tax and regulation.

“People may not necessarily agree with the IPA’s propositions and those of their fellow travellers. In fact, I’ll wager the vast majority usually don’t.

“But over time, their mental ability to resist such arguments gets broken down by forceful advocacy and repetition.”

IPA Executive Director, John Roskam said “It is encouraging that Mr Swan has recognised the IPA for presenting positive, optimistic policies that secure Australia’s prosperity and our freedoms.

“The IPA’s research and voice are a prominent feature in public debate not because of ‘forceful advocacy and repetition’, but because the IPA represents mainstream Australian values.

“The IPA is proud of its work in making the case for cutting red tape, lowering taxes, reducing the size of government, arguing for freedom of speech, presenting the facts on climate change and energy policy, securing the dignity of work through industrial relations reforms, and acknowledging the importance of the values of western civilisation to Australia,” said Mr Roskam.

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