IPA sparks national conversation on criminal justice reform

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9 August 2017
IPA sparks national conversation on criminal justice reform - Featured image

IPA Research Fellow Andrew Bushnell, was all over the media yesterday on TV, Online and on featured across 30 different radio stations highlighting our latest report from our criminal justice program, which finds that Australians are spending more on criminal justice and getting worse results than most comparable countries, underlining the need for criminal justice reform across the country.

As Andrew explains to ABC News, Australian prisons are the fourth most expensive among OECD nations, for that expense we should be getting bang for our buck, yet we are not.

Listen to the exclusive report on ABC RN below.

Andrew explains to 774 Drive yesterday why criminal justice is important to the IPA, and solutions to solve the high cost and poor results in our prison system.

The report was featured as an exclusive to ABC, see the story online here.

The data shows we are spending more than $100,000 a year per prisoner.

As you can see by the data below, prison rates have skyrocketed since the early 1990s.

Andrew Bushnell also wrote an opinion piece for ABC online: The expensive problem with our prisons: Why spending more doesn’t make us feel safer. Read it here.

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