Gillian Triggs Almost Gets It Right

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8 June 2017
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Everyone in Australia was talking about this ($) over the weekend:

There are over 1,200 comments at The Australian website alone beneath Clive James’ take down of climate alarmism (Jo Nova excerpted parts of the 5,400 word essay at her website). Clive wrote the piece for the IPA’s upcoming book, Climate Change: The Facts 2017. For more information on the book and Clive’s essay, read Jennifer Marohasy’s post on FreedomWatch from Tuesday.

Professor Richard Lindzen’s letter to President Trump from March is the best summary of climate change you will read.

And after you’ve read Clive’s brilliant chapter and Lindzen’s letter listen to Tom Switzer talk with Nigel Lawson on the ABC’s Sunday Extra about why Trump’s decision last week to withdraw from the Paris climate accord is good for the world. And it’s good for Australia that Tom will be the next Executive Director of the Centre for Independent Studies following on from its legendary founder Greg Lindsay.

These are the three UK election articles you should read as Britons go to the polls tonight:

We’ve said a few times that The Economist has jumped the shark – like here (when it endorsed Kevin Rudd), here (when it selected Piketty’s book as the best of 2014), and here (when it endorsed helicopter drop monetary policy). When Jessica Irvine wrote last month in the Sydney Morning Herald that The Economist is not renowned for its ‘communist views‘ – sadly she was wrong. It actually is! You’ll never guess who they’ve endorsed in today’s UK general election – no, not Jeremy Corbyn – worse!

Gillian Triggs has finally identified that government is a threat to free speech… but she’s still completely wrong. According to Triggs, it’s not laws like section 18C, but government funding cuts for left-wing ‘community advocacy‘ that’s undermining human rights. In The Spectator Australia this week, I generously gave the federal government a list of 10 Australians who would make good replacements for Triggs when her term at the AHRC ends at the end of the month.

Article of the week:

In this excellent essay on Saturday in The Wall Street Journal the great Roger Scruton makes a compelling case for the nation state – highlighting the importance of “the sovereignty of the people, in a place of their own”.

IPA Staff Pick:

Each week an IPA staff member shares what they have enjoyed recently. Today: Andrew Bushnell

Postmodern language like “equity” and “privilege” are weasel words derived from a toxic nihilism that denies the individual, dialogue, and reason. Canadian academic psychologist Jordan Peterson outlines in this 12 minute speech why conservatives and classical liberals should take the threat postmodernism poses to our civilisation seriously.

Here’s what else the IPA said this week:

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