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Episode 2: Their Obsessions

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1 November 2021

The second episode of ‘Their ABC: What’s wrong with the ABC and how to fix it’ Their Obsessions, looks at the ABC’s obsessions with identity politics and climate change.

Identity politics is a divisive ideology that has taken over our cultural institutions, but it is particularly overwhelming at the ABC.

From deciding the term “Invasion Day” can be used interchangeably with “Australia Day” to its radical use of quotas in its diversity guidelines, identity politics has well and truly taken over the public broadcaster.

Featured in this episode: Tony Abbott, Mark Latham, Bella d’Abrera, John Anderson, Peter Ridd, Matt Canavan, Claire Chandler, Alex Antic, Eric Abetz and many more.

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Former Prime Minister and Distinguished Fellow at the IPA, Tony Abbott told the Their ABC podcast:

“It’s completely wrong for the ABC to equate Australia day with invasion day. We weren’t invited, we were settled.”

We look at how identity politics have stifled the ABC’s editorial and diversity guidelines. South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic spoke to me about the ABC’s obsession with identity politics:

“The charter is requiring you to represent Australia in essence. I’m paraphrasing. But represent the cultural diversity of Australia. So, show me how many conservatives you’ve got? It begs the question about what identity politics is really doing to us. It’s lauded as this inclusive concept, but in reality, it’s extraordinarily divisive.”

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Claire Chandler was scathing about the ABC’s obsession with checklists and quotas:

“I think it’s disappointing that our national broadcaster has decided to engage in this left-wing push to make everything about individualised identity race and sex, rather than just accepting we are a diverse society and if we allow stories to be told on their merits and that diversity should naturally shine through.”

NSW One Nation MLC Mark Latham made this stark observation:

“Well, the sad reality is that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is not happy and comfortable being Australian, and they would want to engineer a different type of country in their own image. And I sometimes think with the ABC, looking at them from the outside in, you see it as political activism, but I sometimes wonder if their cultural and their value laden approach is so woke, so leftist, so ingrained that they can’t actually see that there’s a world outside their own bubble. And I think that’s the major institutional problem they’ve got.”

This past week’s race to ”net zero” is just one example of the ABC’s obsession with climate change. Staff at the ABC have well and truly become captured by the issue. We look at how the IPA exposed its ’climate crisis advisory group’

Chris Mitchell was Editor-in-Chief of The Australian newspaper from 2004-2015, he spoke to me about the ABC’s coverage of the climate issue:

“It should be part of the mandate of anybody reporting in this area at the ABC to ensure that we’re looking at it with scepticism, not scepticism that says we don’t believe this, or don’t believe that, but traditional journalistic scepticism that we have an open mind about things we don’t consider, you know, warmest pieties to be unchallengeable.”

Dr Peter Ridd was censured and sacked by James Cook University for rejecting the alarmism coming from Australia’s research institutions that the Great Barrier Reef is dying. But as we reveal in this podcast, he has been censured by the ABC too:

“I’ve been told by an ABC journalist that they have been told that they will not cover my views, my scientific views on the great barrier reef. I’ve been blacklisted.”

Tune in to hear more.

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