Episode 130 – The NBA Are Cowards

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10 October 2019
Episode 130 – The NBA Are Cowards - Featured image

James finally gets to talk about the NBA on the podcast – it’s just a shame it’s because they’re cowards. James and Pete talk about the NBA capitulating to China and recap the latest round of climate protests around Australia and ask why climate protesters never block streets in lefty suburbs. Our heroes and villains this week include South Park, Newton’s Third Law of Motion, a Seattle education authority that says maths is a tool of oppression and Justin Trudeau’s unbelievable pivot on questions about his blackface habits. Tim Wilson MP joins us after taking part in the Hong Kong protests to describe what he saw and why Hong Kong protesters aren’t like Occupy Melbourne despite what his critics think (18:42-28:09). We also talk to Vale Sloane, Associate Director of Institute Relations at the Atlas Network about all the great work the Atlas network is doing around the world that is lifting people out of poverty and why he’s bullish about Africa, why foreign aid isn’t the best solution for solving poverty and which area of the world will experience the next big economic development (28:09-44:12). At the end of the show, James and Pete discuss the ‘scandal’ of Ellen DeGeneres being able to sit next to George W Bush at a football game without screaming, a baffling proposal to end knife crime, Jeremy Corbyn apparently “gearing up” for an election and people finding it hard to get home loans for joke bank transfer statements.

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