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Ep 37: The Anti-Trump Movement Strikes Again

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9 October 2019

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More on the Impeachment story in the US as even Scott Morrison gets dragged in by the Democrats. Real issue or deep state hit job? (1:54-20:40) Is the legalisation of cannabis in the ACT last week even necessary when we’ve already got functional decriminalisation, and what happens with Commonwealth laws? (20:40-34:40) The 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China was marked with an expansive military parade but what’s to celebrate in  this totalitarian dictatorship? (34:40-46:37) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by adjunct fellow Aaron Lane and the IPA’s Daniel Wild to answer these questions as well as divulge their culture picks such as the The Best Political Cartoons of the Year 2005, the late Napoleon Chagnon’s Noble Savages, Chris and Aaron’s latest book on Cyrptodemocracy and AFL’s recent grand final runners up, GWS (46:37-1:09:02).

Show Notes:

Donald Trump asked Australia to help investigate the Mueller probe. What’s it got to do with impeachment?


Culture Picks:

The Best Political Cartoons of the Year, 2005 Edition


Noble Savages: My Life Among Two Dangerous Tribes — the Yanomamo and the Anthropologists, Napoleon Chagnon


How Blockchain Can Radically Expand Democratic Choice, Darcy Allen; Chris Berg; Aaron Lane


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Scott Hargreaves

Scott Hargreaves is the Executive Director at the Institute of Public Affairs

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