Ep 32: Has Disney Won The Trade War?

28 August 2019
Ep 32: Has Disney Won The Trade War? - Featured image

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The G7 summit last week saw new tariffs but also an outbreak in niceness. Are Trump’s tariffs part of some grand master plan to win the trade war? (1:50-17:25) In the context of the Royal Commission into child sex abuse, new laws for mandatory reporting are making a big show of challenging the seal of the confession. Is this a violation of religious freedom? (17.25 – 33:00) Disney has just announced a plethora of new movies, begging the question, what are the economic and cultural ramifications of the industry giant? (33:00 – 48:12) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by Andrew Bushnell and Christian Kerr to answer these questions, as well as divulging their culture picks such as Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, nostalgic 80’s TV show Stranger Things, rock stars Nick Cave and Warren Ellis with the MSO and Netflix TV show Mindhunter Season 2. (48:12 – 1:03:16)

Show Notes:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino


Stranger Things, Netflix


Nick Cave and Warren Ellis with the MSO


Mindhunter Season 2, Netflix


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