Ep 26: What Does Scott Morrison Actually Think About Recognition

18 July 2019
Ep 26: What Does Scott Morrison Actually Think About Recognition - Featured image

The panellists decipher the Morrison Government’s mixed messages on a Voice to Parliament and consider the real difficulties with a changing the constitution (1:20-18:22) then argue the pros and cons of an LNP proposal to set up an Office of Science Quality Assurance to challenge the science relied upon by bureaucrats (18:22-33:41) and seek to understand the National Conservatism launch, a big conservative confab in the USA (33:42-51:06). In the Books and Culture segment the panellists looks at some book which bear on the story of indigenous Australia prior to European settlement, an book smuggled out of North Korea at great danger to the author’s life, David Epstein’s Range, and Season 3 of Stranger Things.


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