De-educating Australia: How The National Curriculum Is Failing Australian Children

21 March 2023
De-educating Australia: How The National Curriculum Is Failing Australian Children - Featured image

The Australian education system is in crisis, and at the heart of this crisis lies the National Curriculum.

The curriculum dictates what every child in Australia should know. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly apparent that it is failing to fulfil its purpose, which is to educate Australian children.

Unfortunately, Version 9 of the National Curriculum, which will be implemented in all Australian schools in 2023, does not represent an improvement on previous iterations of the curriculum.

As this report reveals, where the National Curriculum is failing in one area, it is succeeding in another. Instead of teaching children how to read and write, it is indoctrinating them with identity politics, radical race theory, and radical green ideology.

This indoctrination is comprehensive, unrelenting, and almost impossible to avoid. It takes place from Foundation through to Year 10 (F–10) and is, without exception, present in all eight learning areas. This in large part due to the cross-curriculum priorities – ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures’ – which are embedded into every aspect of the child’s schooling.

This report finds that by the time they leave school, Australians will be convinced that the modern state of Australia was founded on white supremacy and oppression. They will believe that Australia is systemically racist, and that Indigenous Australians are, by virtue of their race, oppressed.

Children will learn from their teachers that the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788 constituted an invasion, and that the colonisation of Australia resulted in dispossession, massacres, and genocide. They will grow up thinking that this is not a country they can be proud of.

In the meantime, they are being recruited into the cult of a radical green ideology under the guise of the ‘Sustainability’ cross-curriculum priority. As this report demonstrates, they are being taught that a ‘sustainable’ world cannot be achieved without a socially just world, and that the economic, social, and environmental systems of Western Civilisation are harmful both to the planet and to people.

Yet, in every learning area – from the Italian language to Design and Technology, to Mathematics – children are being told that it is only they who can save the planet. It is no wonder that there is an outbreak of a hitherto unknown condition called ‘eco-anxiety’ among Australian children.

The National Curriculum seeks to re-position how Australians think of themselves in regard to their country by repeatedly stressing the importance of being ‘global citizens’ above being Australian citizens. This, along with the fact that children are being taught to be ashamed of Australia’s past, can only serve to alienate them further from their country.

It is clear from this report that the focus of education has shifted from a system based on knowledge and facts, to one of skills underpinned by an ideologically driven, thematically integrated curriculum that prioritises Indigenous issues, sustainability, and social justice to the detriment of everything else. This report will be of considerable value to parents who understand that the education of their children is fundamental to their children’s ability to live successful, productive, and independent lives.

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